Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter Day

it's easter sunday~~
i made some easter eggs for my church spend me 2-3 days to finish it..
not a 'big constructions' but it do take me some times to get everything in position..^^
first thing first..i have to blow off the raw egg whites and egg yorks out of the egg shell...
what you need:
your mouth ^^
use a needle to make a tiny hole on a corner side of the egg.

make a another bigger hole on the other side.

use your mouth to blow the egg on the tiny hole , so that the egg white and egg york can flow out through the bigger opening into the container..

**use the needle to poke through the egg york before blowing.
**after blowing the will have to wash the egg with water.
this part was kinda tough..coz the hole is quite small...very difficult to blow off the eggs...and the poking part was not easy too...
then is the painting part..

let the picture do the talking>>>

whole 'family'

aren't they cute???

i'm glad that they love it~~~


lynnx01 said...

Blessed easter! Your pic is beside mine on Advertlets. Hehhe. Well, for my CF, we didn't really paint the eggs. We boiled them and dip them in food colouring so that it's safe for consumption.

ChoCo said...

Thx dear...

Actaully milky had present me de pink piggy 4 me, it is so cute n i love it veli much..
MILKY is so creative on all de cutety stuff, tats her's personality!!

LOVE u!!