Saturday, April 07, 2007

Year Kuih

oh dear..i don't know what's 年糕 in english...juz transalate directly ...hehe..psps..
this post was kinda overdued..but nevermind-la

weiwei told me that she eaten the nian gao made by bubu's mom..and she claimed that it's very yummy..therefore, i decided to do it~~

it's a combination of 3 important ingredient~~
sweet potato (sliced)
yam (sliced)
nian gao (sliced)
the flour mixture:
for every 50g of wheat flour, you must add 10g of corn flour..
corn flour is added to make it crispy..
then you must add a pinch of salt..<-----mom's experience tell her that
and water..stir well..that's all....and you will get this......

let's the photo do the talking~~it's very easy to understand...



end product

1 comment:

ChoCo said...

So Sad!!

Milky dint giv me a chance to me to have a try on her's nian gao...

When i will hace tat chance ?????