Saturday, April 07, 2007

Cake Sense @ Bandar Puchong Jaya

i realise that cake houses or bakery shops are a hit now. After the bread story trend~~~ chicken floss on the bun~~ many other competitors do the same thing..but personally i like bread story's the most...

however, i'm not going to intro about bread story..but a new cake house around the neighbourhood--- cake sense. The have two more other branches at subang jaya and pj..the concept is slightly the same like bread story..glasses container..bla- bla- bla..but price wise..i could only say that it's reasonable..not as cheap as king's or berry's but cheaper than bread story.
pumkin seed raisin rm2.60

i like this very much...the texture kinda soft~~generous amount of pumkin seeds and raisins.

siew pau rm1.20

hmm..this was not good..very hard skin..meat was not fresh. King's is better..but the best is s'ban siew pau for sure~~~

raisin cookie rm1.00

this was nice...very huge cookie..thick..and crunchy..

milky burger bun rm2.00

OMG..i fall in love with it~~~ the bun very soft and yummy...milky.....i can finish it all by myself..i m bun missy..bleh~~

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