Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pikom PC Fair

last sunday, i went to pc fair with choco, choco wanted to buy a new laptop or desktop..
it was very packed..we reached about was not opened yet..but as we were walking towards the convention centre, there were so many people queue-ing up outside the main many people...i wonder what time they came..
once the clock striked 11am, the door was opened. *so punctual*

pathway entering the hall
it was kinda tired walking from booth to booth...
anyway, choco manage to buy his desktop after many surveys throughout the pc fair...and me..haha..bought a audio system..
personally, i like music very i need it..haha

yay...i did not manage to get the white one..because..i s*cks in making decision..i went back later and white was finish..and i got the black one..haih..

a little cam shot outside the window..

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