Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hectic ? NO...

time flies, my one week study break going to end..but i don't even get myself prepared for one subject, what the heck i was doing for the past one week..gosh..

i didn't went to shopping everyday, just few days. i gave myself excuses that if i don't go out to release my stress i would end up like the crazy mom bet that many other kids out there would use this reason too after the incident...

besides,i don't have the mood to blog too..speaking of flipping my text book,'s simple, i'm that kind who is easily hypnotized by, you know what happen next~~ XD *proud+guilty*

o yeah.. i'm addict to forum recently, checking some forum, replying forum,
being my daily routine...bad'll tend to spend many many hours surfing the forum..that's the portal where i spent all my precious study week...

in other word, i'm so dead, so i better get study *finger-crossed* pls do not fall as sleep again milky

anyway, i realize that if i study too early, i'll forget the contents after few days, so why not i light the night oil before my exam?

o yea..i did have something i 'got' this study break...i put on sad..but everyday was like sleep eat pc sleep eat pc...of course will gain weight-la..

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