Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Original Kayu Nasi Kandar @ Ss2

i always wanted to try out the super tall roti tissue...finally..i managed to..XD
last weekend, i went to tmn megah to meet my friends..then we head over to kayu to have yum-cha session...

i couldn't believe that a mamak stall can be so 'high-tech' or get what i mean?

they have few plasma tv and their menu displayed on the plasma...they even have -kayu channel- where you can pay them for as low as rm300 per months to display your advertisement~~~*milky too paiseh to take photos all around the shop~~*

what strikes me most is- they have a branch in melbourne, australia. here

their signature roti tissue rm4.00

it looks kinda huge..but 8 of us share 2 roti tissue..not enough~~~
however, it's just a normal roti tissue which cherish our eyes but not mouths..
but i knew that there is one more mamak in the town which serve roti klcc...two tall cones..can anyone tell me where is it?
assorted drinks(teh, chem, kopi, limau ais, teh o ice limau, milo.....)
canned drinks (justea..coke..pepsi..)
i don't know how about you guys but i feel it's kinda cheap...

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