Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Homemade is fun!

few weeks back, i went to my friend house to hang out...basically,we go every week~~ hehe
every week seem to be the same old routine..therefore, my friend and i got the craziest idea...
it started the week before where we went to have some fried ice cream at the mamak..then i suggest that we make it ourselves since it was kinda pricey for the damn small ice cream thing...

the funniest thing is, KG is suffering from sore throat and we kept talking about making all the deep fry stuff...and he said that he will be dead till then..haha~ anyway, there is a popular phrase in chinese that 'yi dok goong dok' so i just asked him to go for it...*i know i know, i'm such a bad girl..*

i thought he wouldn't turn out that day, but he did! thank goodness his sore throat had recovered.
the main thing we want to do was FRIED ICE_CREAM ONLY but we ended up making....fried banana, wafer and fried ice-cream~we stayed in the kitchen for like....5-6 hours...indeed crashing the kitchen...

so? just let the picture do the talking~


we had too much original flavour, so we added choco powder into the batter for some chocolicious flavor~

fried banana

wrapping the banana with slice of bread

roll over with flour
dipped in egg

then bread crumbs

too bad i lost the end product of this fried banana....urgh..i don't know where i save d~~

fried ice cream....

we have to frozen it for hours..so we did not manage to fry it that same week...we kept it till the next week...ha..
anyway, u guess we succeed or not??


fattien said...

So hungry now....oh!!!! fried Ice cream. From the effort I saw very sure that will suceed to make it.
You were talented in baking!!! hehe

Iwan Sanchez said...

u really love to bake!!!

www.alistairlihai.com said...

Yummy!! I m so hungry now!!!!

Ken said...

i... want!