Sunday, October 28, 2007


every weekend seems great for me...
and i enjoyed every second of it~
friday night- yumcha,dvd session with friends till 3 am.
saturday- hair cut, play around in comic shop, crowded in petaling street and church session
sunday - pavillion, low yat, sungai wang...

this is only this week~
previous weeks were similar but different places~ *woots*
this is what i call work hard and play even harder..

i think i reallllllyy should rethink about hectic working hours, maybe see it at different manner right...anyway, it isn't that bad..because i still have my friends around and cheer me up~ most importantly, my weekend always being a recharged for me for my coming weeks~

so? everybody? have you recharged yourselves? and hey..recharged doesn't mean have to sleep and eat only kay? shopping , gathering, have fun, partying~ is recharging as well ...erm...spiritually i mean....haha~

muah~ got to go~ room super messy with shopping stuff~~ *happy*

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