Thursday, September 24, 2009

Packed as Always


last week had been crazy.
assignment overload. not to mention what coming up this week. it gonne be double to 'excitement'
i have work hard play harder attitude. nuf said.
weather is super hot lately.

zomg. i want to stay in my air-cond room 24/7.
but guess what. i went out with v yesterday to KLCC for photoshooting.
hold on there. i had more actually. below are places i went in 1 day.

petaling street ---> stockist at hang tuah ---> KLCC ---> Snooker @ ss15

awesomeness overload.


petaling street beef noodle


freaking hot.
sat aside let v to take his own sweet time to take photos.


i'm a zara freak now.
i'm actually 177cm why i look so short here.
YER~i need diet!


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