Wednesday, September 26, 2007

B'day Cake

despite from celebrating with my friends, i hang out with my parents on the actual day...because everyone was having better don't disturb right?

i had an crazy idea about my cake..i'm kinda bored with secret recipe's cake...the whole cake with same flavour kinda ..erm...PLAIN..tried so many times last time...

now i wish to combine my cake with diff flavour so that i won't eat the same again and again~~
we bought 6 diff flavour and 2 each to combine into one whole cake~ nice?

black forest

marble cheese cake

white macadamia

caramel cheese cake

choco indulgence

classic cheese cake

i don't have the pic of the whole weird looking cake..seriously it look weird..because the cheese cake is short then the normal cake is higher..very inbalance look~

anyway, everything has its 1st time right?


suxian said...

harlo lo~

is abit weird but really nice ^^
tell u, v did this before. v = me n my secondary school friends.

really nice d the cake. v so smart 1 choose same height d cake XDXDXD
k la.
enjoy jiu hao ^^

lin said...

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