Saturday, September 15, 2007


*woot* another 50 min my bday ends~

it ain't bad like what i think~ hehe
thx for the greetings and wishes that flooded my cell..
the celebrations with you guys, the foods, cakes...
i think i'm going to put on quite a lot with all those super high calorie stuff..wooo
oh yea, and the gifts as well..thank you soo much..

ain't super happening but anyway it was awesome~
will post pic later..did not really take much pic as you guys know i'm a food addict..haha

besides, i have many things ahead of me in the coming week..3 major sickness papers..OMg...speaking of final, i remembered that i did kinda badly today..yea..i flung..can die!
anyway, lets look forward and forget the past, shall we?
wish me luck babae~haha


shan said...

yoyoyoyoyoyoyo..happy birthday again hehe...i love to say happy birthday de
yeah yeah we can forget the pass...
tml will be better ...cheer up ...
all the best ya dear ...muakss

Broken said...

Happy birthday!!
Maybe it's already too late but late is better than NOTHING right?

Girls always have BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP when it comes to birthdays..

One of my friend even closed her handphone just to have a good sleep!!

Iwan Sanchez said...

aww.... u look so sweet!