Friday, September 07, 2007

Delicious by Ms Read

last monday hang out with bunch of friends at 1u...
we definitely had serious problem in deciding where to eat~
everyone was this you that..complicated man! it was just a lunch meal!
then jac came out with few bistro to last we decide to go to delicious~

caeser salad rm18.90

smoke salmon sandwich rm18.90

chocolate brownies rm 10.90

mushroom mascarpone rm 18.90

spaghetti carbonara rm 17.90

grilled 3 cheese sandwich rm 16.90

seriously delicious cheeseburger rm 21.90

actually we'd ordered drinks see..i'm the president of a club call... get me right?

overall the foods and services were big complain..and we had a great time there chit-chatting.. and i think our noise covered all..haha


fattien said...

Oh!!! That chocalate brownie look so yummy beyond *slurp slurp. that place food not bad ya ^_^V

nicholas chan said...

cheeseburger set looks yummy!

Iwan Sanchez said...

wah!!! looks so sedap!!! tapi mahal lah!!


milky ~ pearly said...

fattien: is their signature dessert

nic: see the name oso very delicious d~~

hmm...mahal tapi big portion o~~

shan said...

where is the frosty lemon tea???

syuxx said...

ohoh~ i luv the choc one..luk so nice..ahaha~

milky ~ pearly said...

lost liao lo..i din take photo ar..lupa laio

syuxx: is very yummy o

Jeremy said...

fuhyo... the cheese burger so expensive...

milky ~ pearly said...

no la..very big 1