Wednesday, September 05, 2007


taking a break from my studies...*bleh* i got this is the video taken during the firework competition by Italy...

i thought of using blogger to upload for took hourssss yet haven complete yet..WTF* have to use other method better don't post that first~ &&^$%^*(&(*

i went up the hill last weekend..gosh...packed like hell..

this was the crowd at the skyway cable car...

waited guess how long...

at lastttt our turn~~

reached there about 2pm~ the show started at 8pm SHARP..
but the crowd lining up in front of the hall was..*speechless*..
it was only 5pm when we went to the hall...the MANY..i cant get my cam to take some shots because...the HUMAN really A LOT...
i tell time i will get vip better..i don't mind pay more...i don't want become sushi~~

the stage

curious what is behind the cloth?


ok then, that's all for now..kinda pissed because of the video thingy~ many be next post i will let you guys see the gist of the show..kay?

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