Monday, September 03, 2007

Firework Display by team global

Went to putrajaya last week, and it was fireworks by team global..
maybe it was only a global thing so less car that day...the traffice was surprisingly smooth~

oh yea, this would be a very heavy picture be prepared ya..
i had team italy and the final on video..and i am trying to figure out how to put on

i feel ~ when u are watching a firework , don't just look through the screen form your digi cam..
many busy taking down the precious moment but forgot to really look at the real thing, so you wanna experience the true and happening thing or the one you can replay and replay but neglected the real meaning of EXPERIENCING it~

my photography skill really s*ck right ?
forgive me and bare with it ya?


jianbing said...

can improve one, don't worry. keep practising!! :D

I went to a firework here in Brisbane too, got Fighter Jet F111 fly over too~

Jeremy said...

ah... i haven't got a chance to take photo of fireworks though.. wish to try the fireworks mode in my camera dy.. hehe... great fireworks photos anyway. keep it up!!

Jun jUn XVII said...

at least u can c da fireworks mah, i didnt go coz i noe da jam der can kill u wan!!go n study in ur study leave!!i noe ur coursework marks high high adi mah...mine is soooo low!!

fattien said...

weee!!! still not bad wor. Ur place very near to the fireworks.

squall_ch33s3 said...

Hehe...I went to the finale fireworks display...

Me not so good fireworks pics too...will update on blog...haha,then u can see my noob-ness =P

iCalvyn said...

ur skill is consider ok...try to control ur camera shutter speed...u will get better effect

lin said...

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