Saturday, September 08, 2007

My fm 9th Anniversary Concert @ Genting(1)

heavy photo post...sat quite far so the pic a bit blur blur...
there were many artist performed that night~
JJ, Rynn lin yu zhong, daniel, nicholas, andrew , quincy, frog prince, fish and others~~

huge balloon~
start~~ angel by jojo, the narrator

seven dwarfs by the famour my fm deejays

snow white by quek wai kan

JJ performance...i think his was the best that night

jj talking with fat fat snow white


magic show~
the dwarfs suddenly appear from the crowd and walk down~

while daniel performing...rain rain rain~ it was the effect~~

then, i felt some ppl pouring water down ang i spotted him~

kay, that's all for now..tired d..just came back from 1u~


Jeremy said...

great write of the event...

Iwan Sanchez said...

my goodness!! what a night!!! hahaha!!!

milky ~ pearly said...

izit? thx ya:

huh..interesting night izit?

Cnigel said...

not pouring water...peeing water! haha

Anonymous said...

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