Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Big Apple . Donuts and Coffee @ The Curve

Big Apple is here..

hmm... i know i know, many floggers did wrote reviews about this..so, let me join the club~ haha

actually, i do not intend to try them out..because i still prefer Dunkin's Donuts,
but i just can't resist myself from them when i saw the crowd in front of the shop~

many workers are working in there..baking molding dipping..non-stop..i think it's because of the high demand ya ^^

they are having a promo, where you buy a dozen you will get 1/2 dozen of glazier donut for free..

seriously, it's kinda cheap.. 12+6 for only 17 bucks.. not bad what..

usually, they sell one for rm2.

worth for a try, aren't they?
one dozen~

free half dozen ~

the flavors~

you might feel weird why they are only 10 of them, i took 2 of the almonds and choco nut~

overall, i feel that the best is
green tea (3rd row-right) ,
almond (4th row - right) and
mango (5th row - right).

others are soso.
nothing special..it's donut~ and they have similar taste~..haha , oh yea..i feel that they are kinda sweet too..

after trying this i will still go for dunkin's donuts, though there are slightly more expensive and no free 1/2 dozen~

i doubt that many will feel the same after Big Apple has stopped the promo~

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