Saturday, June 23, 2007

Secret Recipe @ SS2

ahem..i'm here to make you guys..drool~~

haha..*bad me*

anyway, on wed my friends and i headed to SS2 for lunch
as jac was craving for cakes..

we only have 1 hour break but the class after that was pengajian m'sia - the bOring LAN subject..
so, we don't mind entering the class slightly later..hmm...the lecturer don't care either~~

basically, if we attend the class, only our physical body is there..our spirit and soul are traveling and flying all around...i bet everyone does!

back to the food~ we ordered:

raspberry cheese cake rm 5.50 x2
mild raspberry aroma and cheesy texture...bravo~~

lemon cheesecake rm5.50
lemon fragrance is very strong..but i have to say that i think it was kept quite long in the refrigerator, the digestive biscuit base was too moist..

white chocolate macademia rm 5.80
i love this very much..that's one of my dad's favorite too~~

chocolate indulgence rm 5.50
very chocolicious..

chicken cordon bleu rm14.50
quite good..but the quantity of cheese wasn't generous enough..not cheesilicious~~

look ..
this is the picture displayed on the wall..hmm~~ look so different...this so tempting~~ the one they served sOo..African-like

i prefer mine....
here(must see)^^

lasagna chicken rm11.50 x2
i think that it's too oily for me..can't really take it~yew~

carrot & ginger soup rm 5.00
my friend yihh wen, can't live without soup~~ so, she ordered this and claimed that it was great!

a wonderful meal really do make me much happier~~
too much to do but too little time~~

time is always speeding like F1 and i'm chasing from behind with GTi only~~ haih~

*bad example..*haha


Poonky said...

raspberry cheese cake Wuu yeah yeah this one nice, i remember another one...cheese with bitter/dark choc nice too if you like bitter stuff

milky ~ pearly said...

that's oreo cheese cake..very yummy too

Poonky said...

wuu go try try 1st~~ around my college area got few secret recipe outlet..

lollipop said...

i nampak my fav cheese cake.. raspberry!!!!!!!

Anston said...

Walao eh~ looks nice & tasty dude! but it looks more 'FATs' ler :D
(tat is after effect, cheers)

milky ~ pearly said...

poonky : eh..wer u studee ar?

lolipop : is..makan ur monitor la~

anston : ya..put on weight jor

Poonky said...

KL informatics~ just 4minutes from KLCC if walking

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

My fav is walnut and macademia cheese cake. But ever since I came over to Oz, my fav has been Sara Lee's cookies and cream cheesecake sold in KFC!

milky ~ pearly said...

they sell cream cheesecake in kfc thr? huh..unblivable~

Aaron Chua said...

I mati in your blog tonight...