Monday, June 25, 2007

Kluang Station @ Ikano

after the tiring walk~ we stopped at Kluang Station to have a cup of coffee~

if you opt for a local coffee..i would really recommend you Kluang's ~
coz their coffee/cham ice have the 'kick' there..i hope you get me~

anyway, we had our breakfast at village park restaurant in damansara uptown, now..another nyonya cuisine~..too much nyonya-ish for me in ONE day ~yew~~but i'm not the one who pay the bill so i better keep my mouth shut..*harsh*

coffee ice

cham ice

pineapple ice

this is new in their menu so i decide to have a try..and i totally regreted!
don't ever try that~~

roti bakar


mee siam

chicken chop

i misplace the receipt d~~so no pricing..haiya~i know i'm the worse floggers..*sad*

another tired day for me~~ just came back from pasar malam..hope that i won't get sick..drizzling out there~

1 comment:

Iwan Sanchez said...


frankly, the mee siam looks so bland and dry hor...

the pineapple drink is not that appetizing..

anyway, ppl belanja u mah, so kenot complain..