Sunday, June 10, 2007

Childhood vs Grown up

i miss my childhood..
not only childhood but my early teens too..
do you?

when you are little, you wish that you can grow up as soon as possible, so that you can be like mommy daddy..
wear nice nice, smart what you want..

oh yea..and most need to take EXAM..

and you'll have great great ambitions ~..

i don't know how bout you guys..i actually wants to be a teacher once..

i thought teacher so cool...have 'license' to beat student..and their work only give question to others but no need to crack their head to answer them~ and then got a lot of holiday..haha

while i'm all grown up, i realize that those thinkings are very naive~

we always desire something from our parents..but they often crushed our hopes..

then, we'll end up saying..I HATE YOU..

what's next..turned around and cry..

that's our final weapon to get what we want..don't you think so?

we never understand money is hard to earn..we never understand how they feel when we speak out those harsh word~ we never understand why they often scold us for some minor minor stuff..

worse comes worst..some may thought off sending their parents to old folks home ...

anyway, all these are only thoughts of naiveness

during childhood, we think positively everytime..
we didn't really meant to hurt's just because we speak what is in our mind..we don't hide ourselves from others..

all these are pass stuff..

now, everything seems to be changing..

it's vice versa already..

lolipop and cotton candy can't make us happy anymore, we desire bigger things..

i used to wish that i'll have a lil sister or lil brother while i was little..because i'm only child..coz no one play with me..

but now, i'll hope to have a big brother who can teach me all my studies..

we can't sat at our daddy's lap and speak with him..

everyone seems to hold back while talking..they don't speak what's they really thinking..sometimes they will fake something out too..

besides, there are no more clean boy and girl relationship.. pure friendship..
i don't get it..why we can play around with guys during early teens..but now we tend to hold back..

now, everything is so stressing..datelines.. stalk of assignments..relationship issues..

we started to think from different perspectives before making a can be good or bad..

sometimes you don't get to do what you really want.. you have to care bout other matters..

just like our parents..they refuse to buy us something with a reason but our mischievous thinking just can't bare with it~

i'm going to turn 19 soon... i mustn't always look back but think ahead of me..they have passed and only left memories and experience

learn from them to be a better person tomorrow.

childhood was great and i wish that my coming days will be hundreds even thousands times greater

however, it's kinda fun to be a kids once a while *bleh*

photo sharing~

that's my cousin...miss him so much..he works at overseas now..

happy daddy's day~

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