Monday, June 18, 2007

Mags Freaks

when i clean up my bookshelf yesterday, i found that i'm totally a spendthrift person..

why bookshelf? spend on what.. answer=mags, fashion mags..and others..

seriously, i don't just spend on mags ..clothings and other girls stuff are necessary..
however, i'm just going to say about mags now~

these are only parts of them

the content

i don't know since when i'm so into this type of mags..i just can't get my hand off them..

now i have stalks and stalks of assignments, tutorials, presentation, quizes..waiting ahead of me..
don't you think i need some time out from all that?

craps~when i will learn that money is hard to earn?


Angus said...

hei hei~

Great blog u have here~

Just passing-by to said 'Hi'~

Keep it up~ oh ya, Angus here ^_^

Nice meeting U ;-p

Aaron Chua said...

So MANY!!!
I have like, only 1 magazine. That also about games. Haha~

lollipop said...

fuhhsehh -.- berlambaks magz!!
geng geng geng~~~

milky ~ pearly said...

hey augus~ thx u ...
nice meeting u too~~

milky ~ pearly said...

speaking about games, aaron..i also have gaming mags..robot mags..unblivable rite? i'll talk bout that next time..

no la..girl like that de

lasilasi said...

hey nah it's normal i have tons of magazine too. and i still bring magazines even when my luggage is already overweight when i travel back from japan lol

milky ~ pearly said...

wa..mags is a very good pass time ma