Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hot is in!

Oh my God..she's HOT..darn hot~

i don't know whether it will be different from the male's perspectives..but she's attractive can?
i'm totally in lurve with her..haha

hold on..i'm not a lesbian kay?

actually, i'm not into this fans thing very much..

i don't admire any idol, never crazy of them..

the only artist that i supported since i'm ..hmm...15 or so is Hilary..

from her Disney's Lizzie Mcguire..and Lizzie Movie..and Cinderella story...and so on..
of course, not to forget her albums..all are great!
look! great body..not skinny..just nicely fit..

Hot HOt HOT !!!!
let's loosen up ur buttons baby


DLG said...

she IS hot, like SUPER hot

milky ~ pearly said...

totally~ she rawks