Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Busy , Hectic, Cram

last weekend was kinda hectic..from friday night till monday night, it was never ending..
gosh..i wondered why everything have to cram into these 3 days. very tiring kay?
what i've done?
i done a lot of shopping but the conclusion was

too too much shopping = no return(actually got a little bit la)

my shopping list is like toilet roll *bad example*...but i only manage to get parts of them..because you tend to see the same items on the shelves all around.

the funniest thing happen this few days is..
my aunt..she was super unreasonable..huh~ how can i relate funny & unreasonable?

my aunt asked me n my mom to go over her place and check out her new house..i was not free so i told my mom to inform her. what's next, she called my mom to ask me to cancel MY appointment..i said NO NO NO..and she keeps asking it..

okay okay..i know it's kinda complicated..i'll just cut short..in the end was she really wanted me to go and specifically super deadly wanted me to go..

God.. guess what she done?
she called me up and say

aunt : eh, mun ar..why you not free?

me : i have something on.. sorry sorry really sorry ar~~~

aunt : aiyo, cancel it la..i have holiday that day lae..very difficult for me to be so free.

me : har? (*what the heck i'll bother about your time*) you free you rest at home la..next week next week i sure come...can?

aunt : dun wan la~ u promise me..u wan to design my house ~ that day i'm free, we can go
search quotations and furnitures ma~

me : really cannot la..next week la..this week can't la...pls~~ so sOOO sorry~

(i was very polite d..)

aunt : aiyer, big gal d...only care about going out with friends d.. forgot bout us d..dun care bout us d... (<------- O.o how can u say like this~~~~i damn mad that time..)

me : (patient gal) hmm.. ok ba~ i'll go la..bye la(you say til so harsh, i dun go oso can't la)..i'll go..meet you tomolo la..bye la~~

wasn't that ridiculous???

i wanted to throw my phone down when we finished talking~
i was pissed at that moment but later i think..she kinda funny~

i oready have 2 appointments that time..plus that..3..
1 was watching movie with choco, 1 was youth church..
choco came back one weeks once only~~~~i can only meet him ONCE..why you want to snatch away from me!
gosh..any cloning machine around???

anyway, it's over, nothing to be mad about d..just say for fun~!
the following days were packed too..till today..at last i can go on with my easy life~

however, i fall sick..flu~

sob~i don't want last week so busy, then this week extremely free stay at home!!!!!!
anyone ? ask me out..

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