Saturday, June 16, 2007

Strawberry Mode

Let me tell you something..

come~ shh..

i'm in lurve.. *smile of happiness*

with who? with who? with who?


yo..seriously..i'm in lurve with this red thingy..

i'm totally absolutely 100% obsessed to it..

i even bought a strawberry cake for my dad for father's day knowing that he actually likes chocolate more

i was such a bad bad girl

today, i ate a lot of strawberries stuff..

first was strawberry yogurt..
then strawberry milk shake..
then strawberry ice-cream..
last was strawberry cheese cake which i eaten like ..few minutes ago..

* late eat cheese cake..FAT*

it makes my day super strawberrilicious..

woah-ho i'm so happy now!! ^^

look what i found in flickr..

yo-hoo~~~ strawberry + milk.. i love this pic very much~

lots and lots more

ow..this is how it looks like when 'belum masak'

i want to it this~~ i want :( *so pretty* u berry berry much ^^


Aaron Chua said...

The last pic kinda look like Mahjong. LOL~

milky ~ pearly said...

izit~ u have gamble eyes~~ haha