Thursday, June 07, 2007


what the heck..i lost my voice d..
oh my gosh, i can't blah so much during the class is quiet..
i'm using sign language and very little voice to communicate with others..
hmm..i don't whether it's a good thing or not?
i can use this excuse to avoid answering the lecturer's questions right?

i want to go back class ends at 5 ..d*mn~ so late..

oOps..i only have few words for this post..extremely short..

more likely pictures post ya ^^


Grace Oon said...

Hi Ee Mun!

Wowowow, didn't know you blog til I saw u on Advertlets.comfeatured blogger! Kudos girl!

Anyway, I used to visit The Hut very often too, but now more in Station One and Caff heheh! Hope to bump into u some day ya!


milky ~ pearly said...

yo~~ know you are in the top 16 of miss malaysia..i saw ur pic on the magazines too...tat's so cool..caff~ya..i went thr b4 for some very can i say..just not nice..haha..ya looking 4ward to c u soon kay~