Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Brothers Joker

i was out of my mind when i get this set of stuff..

i don't know what's that character but i just can't resist myself from buying the WHOLE set..
there are 7 of them.

each have their own meaning.
white : Take it easy! Face it happily!

green : Peace! No war! Please!

red : Don't worry! Be happy!

blue : Work hard! Play Hard!

black : Life is full of hope!

yellow : Less meat! More vegetables!

purple :Wicked look no wicked deed!

when i went back home at look at them, i started to regret why i have to waste all this money..ain't cheap you know..

my bf too said that i don't have so many stuff to hang why i bought so many..make me more 'sam tong'

then i prove to him..i really do have many stuff to hang..

my school bag

my pencil case

my camera

my house key

my car key

oOps..2 more, actually i have a pendrive to hang on..but i still decide to present one to choco and one to my friend as belated birthday gift.

but but..if i give a way 2, then what's the point of buying the whole set???

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