Saturday, June 30, 2007

Disappearing of moi phone

Guess what? i lost my phone.. O.o right?..

hehe..hold on..i forgot to say..i neArLy lost it..

yesterday, went to my friends house to do some research and play dry swimming..

i arrived to shelle's comic house 1st to join them and together-gether go her house..

after we reached her house..we chat excitedly about my research topic..

i got to get opinions from different people to generate some interesting points in my presentation...

guess what's my topic that caused us to chat till 12 something..
premarital sex.

then, we decided to go buy something to eat as everyone of us was kinda hungry~~
when i stepped out her house ..i realized that..Oops..mana handphone?

everybody was searching high and low for it..try to call to my phone..
no ringing tones was detected..

BECAUSE i minimize my hp volume to the minimum..just few 'steps' away mute..

my friends were like O.o and say why i set so min volume..

anyway, no luck..can't find it..

they thought that maybe we left in the comic we got back and checked..12 something where got comic house still opened?
it's my friend' no problem..BUT still no sign of it..

i felt so guilty..causing everyone to be so worry and troubles them a lot..
i'm such a clumsy girl..

i lost 1 hp before..few years mid valley..and that time my hp was just 3 days old..gosh, i cried on the spot...
so, guys take care of your phones..don't simply misplace them or left them else where..

then, i think everyone is so hungry d...don't bother first..makan first..

when we got back to her house, we tried for the last time..if no then fine...

woohoo, it was hiding inside the sofa..deep deep inside..

problem solved..*my heart OS : haiya can't buy new hp d*
shoot me *bleh*

after that, we dry swim(mahjong) *woot* won few times..yea..i'm getting better in this..


Poonky said...

oh no new phone for u heheh

milky ~ pearly said...

ya ^^ :(