Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Hut (4) @ Bandar Puteri

Well, it's another post about the hut..this time, we went there to celebrate hoo's b'day~~
let's go straight to the food ya..^^

orange iced tea (regular) rm3.90

honey jasmine tea (regular) rm4.90

apple iced tea (large) x2 rm4.90

7 up float rm5.50

flav cappuccino rm7.90

ice chocolate rm6.90

ice coffee rm4.90

honey dew iced tea rm 4.90

coke float rm5.50

orange iced tea rm4.90

curry dory spaghetti rm 15.90

mutton ricey spaghetti rm 12.90

salmon fusilli rm 18.90

chicken bosca rm 16.90

turkey fusilli rm 14.90

chili prawn spaghetti rm 17.90
onion ring rm 4.90

overall..the foods were fabulous.. if they weren't nice, we'll not visit them so often.. ^^

i like this pic~~ let's play something..
guess what's the phone model behind the drinks~

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