Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

i wishes all daddy papa out there..happy dad's day~

their contributions to the family are not less than the moms..but i wonder why the public doesn't seem to appreciate their hard work..there are lesser commercial on TV wishing them happy father's day..

hmm..why??? anyway, that's not my problem..haha..i still celebrate father's day with papa..

double cakes ^^ double celebrations


strawberry cheesecake

i told you in the previous post that i bought strawberry for dad..this was the one..
though he prefer chocolate..but he still likes this..*fuh..luckily*

mango yogurt cake

this was nice too..mild aroma of mango and taste..not too sweet ~~ just nice..

~ i heart you ~


Jayce Ooi said...

The cake look nice le... Can I eat them? :)

milky ~ pearly said...

haha..of coz u can~ by just looking at can satisfied your 'sight desire' haha..*cheers*

and thx very much for dropping by