Sunday, June 10, 2007


choco came back from his hostel on last wednesday
to get some document..

it's kinda late,bout malls are closed, so we decided to go for bowling~

my bowling skill very cha d ~~
it have been a long time since i bowl the last time~~

dun mis interpret the score ya...

M= choco

V= milky

i should be going first but i asked him to go1st because..hmm...have to know your enemy well to defeat a hundred battle..*( _ _"')*

woah~ we were so geng in term of antonym~~
but, you know the additional of our score can be pro
anyway, i still won and he owe me a request~

what the purpose of battling if it's without a bet right?

i broke my nail too..i don't understand why,,it happens only while bowling~

the lesson i learnt is

'be consistent or practice often of what you are doing, otherwise you'll forgot how to do it!'

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