Friday, June 01, 2007

Hoo's Day

this is the burfdae boi~~

last wed, we all met up at The Hut..again~
i think they also scare of us d~ because we'll dirty their place for sure~

i'm kinda sad..WHY? because choco wasn't here, he is in setapak..nobody be my chauffeur d..
dar, i don't really mean it kay? haha

i picked up michelle and hoe and head to The Hut, oh yea, before that we went there, we dropped by at Cake Sense to buy burfdae cake!

We were a bit late actually, coz they choose the cake damn long ~ we thought hoo was there, we walk in through back door. WHY? because we want the workers to keep the cake for us~

when we went in, aiya~ hoo wasn't thr yet noob don't know how to call and ask~

when i was thinking what to order, i think off choco....sob~~ no one share drinks with me d..i miss u dar!!!!!

we played poker card..some of them played uno..

who left cards, you'll got to take the bricks.. one card=one bricks


the other bunch of gamers

KG super gao siu can?~

when the clock strikes 11.45pm
we go prepare prepare~~

woah~ look what's this..

my superb idea..

hoo's burfdae cake..

yum~~bravo..yum yum

wahaha...i said i'll crush you, hoo~~

this is what i call wicked lady~~ muahaha

lovely ya~

she is siu pak (english=little white)

i think i'm gonna gain weight real soOOn

no my pic? coz i'm holding the cam wat~~ sob~

chao~..that's all

haPPy weekend everyone!!

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ehrz c / iu 41